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in the Wilderness

Live at Salt Creek Beach
Dana Point, CA
August 17, 2017
Photos & Review by Julie Pavlacka

As a part of  OC Parks: Summer Concert SeriesAndrew McMahon played a magical set on the beach from sunset to twilight. This event was a ton of fun and during the summer and event like this happens every Thursday tin Bluff Park in Salt Creak Beach in Dana Point, CA for absolutely free.  

This was probably the coolest show I have ever been to... and that's not just because it was on the beach. I had no idea what this event was going to be like and, to be honest, I had kind of low expectations, even though Andrew McMahon is one of my favorites, because I thought that it would be a short set with bad sound. I was proven entirely wrong. The set was at least the length of a normal set, the sound was great for an outdoor event, and it might have been my favorite performance of McMahon's that I have ever seen. 

This show was right down the street from where McMahon grew up and he was loving every minute of getting to play there. During soundcheck he was excited about how many people were there and performed a couple songs including songs from his former bands Jack's Mannequin and Something Corporate. They started the full set by playing their single "Fire Escape" from their new album Zombies On Broadway right at sunset and it was incredible. I should have known to have higher expectations because McMahon's sets never disappoint, in fact, at this show he road his inflatable ducky through the crowd not once, but twice! 

If you've never seen Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, you should try to get out to a show ASAP so that you can witness McMahon jumping of his piano, crowd-surfing on a duck, and playing his hit songs with so much passion.

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