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Live at The Regent Theater
Los Angeles, CA
March 2, 2018
Photos & Review by Julie Pavlacka

They Might Be Giants (TMBG) put on an outstanding performance at The Regent Theater in Los Angeles, CA on Friday night. This sold out concert had fans of all ages - ranging from tiny little babies to well-aged folks (that I hope to be as cool as someday). As the crowd spilled in there was a calm energy in the room, and fans discussed their excitement for the night ahead by sharing memories from past TMBG shows.


TMBG was the only band performing, as this show was "An Evening With...", so the wait for their set to start was extra long. Once on stage, they turned the night into both a concert, with two sets and an intermission, and a comedy performance. They were constantly cracking jokes and engaging with their audience. Throughout the night they performed a wide variety of songs from their discography; including newer songs from I Like Fun, Apollo 18, and Mink Car, as well as, older classics. 

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