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Live at Kilby Court
Salt Lake City, UT
November 16, 2018
Photos & Review by Julie Pavlacka

Originally there wasn’t a Salt Lake City date on Sure Sure’s headlining tour, but they added SLC as the last stop on their tour - and it’s a good thing they did because Kilby Court was sold out and filled with fans singing every word and dancing their asses off. It’s pretty rare that I see that kind of energy at shows these days, and it’s always so refreshing when I do. 


Most of the fans were likely still in high school, probably between the ages of 15 and 19 - I’m only 26, but I honestly felt kinda old. I could feel the excitement in the room, and it reminded me of how I felt 10+ years ago when I would see my favorite band, The Format. The fans around me talked about past shows that they had seen Sure Sure at, and told me how sweet the band members are and how they're "the nicest band". I love to see bands who make friends with their fans and build a community around their music. From what I’ve noticed that really is the only way to fill a room with that kind of energy. 


The set was great. The band played well and engaged the audience. They even taught the crowd some dance moves and filmed a music video during the set. 

Early next year they are opening for Young the Giant on a nationwide tour - so if you missed them this time around make sure you catch them next year. Both them, and Young the Giant will deliver great sets. And if you haven’t heard of Sure Sure yet definitely give them a listen

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