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Live at The Complex
Salt Lake City, UT
February 20, 2019
Photos and Review by Julie Pavlacka

Saves The Day passed through Salt Lake City, UT on Wednesday, February 20th, 2019. And yeah, it was a typical Wednesday night out here - quiet, cold, and no one out of their houses past 7pm. I’m still not used to the lack of nightlife here in UT - I’ve definitely been in culture shock since moving out here from Los Angeles. Luckily, Saves The Day breathed some life into the night.


The show was in the small room at The Complex. The Complex isn’t a well liked venue around these parts - most people hear that a show is going to be there and immediately decide they’ll wait for the next time the band passes through town. This was only my second time going there - and I don’t hate it. I mean, yeah, the stage is a little too high and the barricade is a mile from the stage - but the sound isn’t horrible and they have a lobby to take a break from the crowd (if you need it - I always do). Since it was a work night, and I’m pretty sure most of the people who listen to Saves The Day have children to take care of, the show was pretty empty. However, the people that did make it out to the show were in for a good time. 


The 15-year-old in everyone came out when Saves The Day came on stage. They opened with “At Your Funeral” - which pumped up the crowed. Fans were screaming all the words, dancing - and I actually think I may have seen a circle pit break out. The crowd was there for it. It’s shows like this that humble me, and remind me how I got into the scene to begin with. Small rooms filled with people that share a love for music. Getting drunk and dancing to your favorite songs. That’s what’s amazing about this industry. The scene is Utah is great because it’s not filled with people trying too hard to be cool. Everyone's there for a good time.

Saves The Day kicked ass, and while they weren’t as energetic as I remember (are we all too old for that now?), they did not fail to impress. I wish I were a better writer, and musician, so I could describe how “on” they were. But why should I describe it when you can just go see for yourself? They’ve still got a whole tour to go. Don’t miss out. 

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