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Live at House of Blues
San Diego, CA
March 24, 2019
Photos by Julie Pavlacka

Flor played a stellar set on the last night of the Upside Down Flowers tour, opening for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, in San Diego, CA. The tour was a pool party and for the last night of tour all the bands wore their best pool attire - check it out in the photos below, it's pretty fun. 


The concert scene in San Diego usually lacks energy - especially on a Sunday night - but this crowd proved my expectations wrong. Before the set, the fans were roaring with chatter. The indie-pop band took the stage and front man, Zach Grace, commanded the audience’s attention. It’s always refreshing to see someone like Zach perform. He’s someone who genuinely enjoys performing and interacting with his fans; he’s all smiles on and off stage, and he sticks around after shows and makes sure he talks to his fans.


It’s because of this attitude, and connection with the crowd, that the energy in the room felt like Flor was headlining on a Saturday night at a hometown show. I’ve seen Flor a few times in multiple different cities and they bring this energy to every room they play.


Unfortunately, tour is over. So you might not be able to catch them soon (unless you’re in Europe).

Anyway, give ‘em a listen on Spotify and catch ‘em next time they roll through your town. They won't disappoint. 

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