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Live at The Union
Salt Lake City, UT
October 22, 2021
Photos & Review by Julie Pavlacka

One word: PHENOMENAL. I’ve seen Bleachers many times, but Friday, October 22nd, 2021 at The Union in Salt Lake City, was unlike anything I’ve experienced at any other show in my life. My favorite thing about live music is the energy the crowd brings to the music, and boy did SLC bring it! 


Jack tweeted “that was easily one of the best shows of my life” and having seen him well over 50 times… I feel like I have the authority to confirm that, yes, it certainly was one of the best shows. Anyone there had to know they were a part of something special that night. Some guy was literally standing on someone’s shoulders with his shirt off during “Rollercoaster”. The show was wild and perfect. 


Almost a decade ago, I saw fun. at The Wiltern in Los Angeles. It was shortly after they made it to fame, and I remember them playing “All Alright” so vividly, because they lit up the crowd and everyone was singing along as loudly as humanly possible. I had been watching Jack Antonoff play small, nearly empty, venues since I was 13, and this was the first time that I was speechless and realized that they’d actually made it. Well, Bleachers, Friday night was that feeling but for an entire 20 song set. I was completely in awe.


This whole tour has been following pretty much the same setlist with a few changes here and there. Of course, they opened with “91”, with Jack on piano and a big bright light shining directly in my eyes. Then increased the energy from there with some hits. During the very last song, there were sound issues caused by a blown speaker which led to them to play the remainder of “Stop Making This Hurt” acoustic… which was actually really amazing and a great way to end the night.


If the tour hasn’t come to you yet, make sure you get a ticket and go. If it’s already come to your town and you missed it, you should probably buy a plane ticket to go to another show. If your hometown show is sold out, you should probably hang out around the venue the day of the show and look for tickets since Bleachers has been hiding tickets around sold out shows.

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